Surya Power India


Wire Sawing Machine for Quarrying


(1) Designed and manufactured elaborately machine with the most advanced technology. It is applicable for quarrying all kinds of granite and marble.

(2) Easily regulate the position and angle of driving flywheel by motors.

(3) Apply imported vector inverter with invariable torque. Feeding speed can be regulated automatically and smoothly as cutting force changes.

(4) Display the real-time parameters such as the main motor current, flywheel speed, etc.

(5) The machine can be operated manually or automatically.


Technical Parameters


  Model WS30B WS37B WS45B
  Man motor 30 kW 37 kW 45 kW
  Flyeheel' s diameter Marble Φ800 mm,Granite Φ600 mm
  Guide pulley' s diameter 2×Φ380 mm
  Wire speed 0~40 m/s
  Walking motor 0.75 KW
  Walking speed 0~30 m/h
  Adjustment distance 450 mm
  Rotation angle 360°电动
  Max.wire length 50 m 60 m 80 m
  Net weight ~1900 kg ~1950 kg ~2030 kg