Surya Power India


Wire Sawing Machine for Profiling


1.The main motor is powered by inverter to obtain the suitable wire speed according to the type of granite or marble.

2.The feeding movements are controlled by servo motors and NC system to cut various circular plates, columns and English letters.

3.Hydraulic tensioning system is applied to obtain stable tension for wire saw.

4.Advanced man-machine interface and easy operation.

5.All kinds of protection devices guarantee the safety and reliability of the machine.


Technical Parameters


  Model PWS2000 PWS3000
  Max.bolck to be cut (W H) 2000×1700 mm 3000×2100 mm
  Main motor 11 kW 15 kW
  Wire length 14.3 m 17.1 m
  Wire speed 0~40 m/s
  Vertical stroke 1900 mm 2300 mm
  Horizontal staroke 2400 mm 3500 mm
  Water consumption 30 L/min
  Tensioning Hydraulic
  Max.tensioning force 8590 N
  Flywheel' s diameter 4×Φ800 mm
  Guide pulley' s doa,eter 4×Φ300 mm
  Troller dimension (L W) 1600×1200 mm 2500×2000 mm
  Dimensions (L W H) 4538×5978×4610 mm 6538×6978×5090 mm
  Net weight ~6000 kg ~6900 kg