Surya Power India


MWS Series of Multi - Wire Sawing Machine


1.The main motor and feeding motor are powered by inverters to obtain the suitable wire speed and feeding speed according to the type of granite or marble.

2.Independent hydraulic tensioning system is applied to obtain the same tension for each wire. This will ensure that all wires can get the best cutting result.

3.Cylinders in each column will balance the weight of lifting device, and greatly decrease the lifting load on the screw.

4.Guide pulleys are used both on the top and bottom to keep the wire’s stability while running.

5.Pressure and position detectors are used to monitor each wire’s running after tensioning. The machine will stop automatically while any wire is broken.

6.Control system with Chinese and English interfaces displays the real-time parameters such as the main motor’s current, flywheel’s speed, tensioning, feeding speed, work time, etc.


Technical Parameters


Model MWS5 WMS10 WMS20 WMS32 MWS40 MWS60
Cutting area (W×H) 4000×2100 mm
Slab thickness 90/100/110 mm 21/31 mm
Main motor 45 kW 55 kW 110 kW 132 kW 160 kW 250 kW
Total power 55 kW 65 kW 120 kW 144 kW 172 kW 265 kW
Wire length 21.2 m 23.8 m 24.6 m  
Wire Nos, 5 10 20 32 40 60
Wire speed 0~35 m/s
Vertical speed 0~30 cm/min
Horizontal speed 070 cm/min
Trolley dimension (L×W) 3000×2500 mm
Trplleu capacity


Tensioning mode Independent hydraulic tensioning
Max.tensioning force 10004000 N
Water consumpion (L/min) 150 200 300 500 600 1000
Average cutting efficiency(㎡/h) 5 9 18 29 36 54
Dimensions (L×W×H) See layout drawings
Net weight ~28 T ~32 T ~35 T ~45 T ~48 T ~55 T